Online Predators 101: 3 Major Warning Signs To Spot An Online Predator

Social networks and dating sites are practically 50% of all the Internet at the moment (well, if we overlook Dark Web, which we are certainly going to do here), and this can mean only one thing – when something gets this popular and starts attracting millions of users all around the globe, bad people will start flooding this online landscape as well.

Still, the majority of users are unaware of all the potential threats that lurk betwixt all the colorful online dating and social network profiles.

Among your close and not so close friends, online platforms are packed with:

  • fake profiles
  • scammers
  • online predators targeting innocent underage children.

This is exactly why we decided to go over 3 major warning signs that might help you recognize an online predator before it’s too late.

1. Online Predators Will Pry Into Your Private Life Early On

These people are out to get you, and they will do anything to achieve their goal as soon as possible.

If you happen to be chatting with a new online friend, and after just a few chatting sessions, this person wants to know your private information, you are quite possibly dealing with a fake profile and an online predator.

Online predators will want to know your:

  • full name
  • birth date
  • address

And they will also ask questions about:

  • your close friends
  • your family
  • your school
  • your favorite leisure activities.

Never give out this kind of info to strangers.

2. They Will Try To Pressure You Into Meeting In Person

If the person you are talking to online is constantly bugging you about getting together as soon as possible, you are probably dealing with an online predator – and you should never accept any invitation from them.

3. They Want You To Do Things You Never Would Have Done

If a person you are chatting with asks you to:

  • Lie to your parents, best friend, other people close to you
  • Give away some sensitive information about your family (think bank accounts)
  • Steal from your family,

you are definitely dealing with an online predator and you should end all online contact with that person.

Other Possible Signs

Beside the 3 abovementioned early signs, we have a few more that can help you figure out if you are in danger of online predators:

  • they want to give you gifts
  • they want to give you money
  • the person is constantly telling you how important you are to them
  • their private stories and info don’t add up
  • they always agree with everything you say

Should you recognize any of these signs, make sure you block that person’s profile on all online platforms and report them to authorities ASAP. Safety first!