Online Dating Scams 101: 3 Most Commonly Used ‘Stories’ In Australia

Online dating can be a beautiful thing that brings new kinds of excitement into the lives of its users. People all over Australia know that online dating sites are a great place to meet new people and start new relationships.

However, you can never be too careful when dealing with strangers online because scams are simply everywhere.

We’d like you to enjoy all the things that online dating sites in Australia have to offer the way they were meant to be enjoyed. That’s why we’ve created a short review of potential scams that are lurking around the corner if you’re not careful.

By following our tips and tricks for avoiding these scams you’ll be safe on online dating sites and free to have all the fun you like.

Scam #1: Widowed With Child

Criminals online can be very similar to criminals you can encounter in the offline world in terms of illegal activities they are engaged in.

Fraud is probably the most ‘popular’ criminal activity on online dating sites in Australia, and the more people are aware of this fact the harder it will be for the criminals to scam anyone out of their money or possessions.

Scammers open fake profiles and prey on the lonely and vulnerable individuals who reveal too much information about themselves, and often open up too fast to people who don’t have honest intentions.

One of their favorites is the ‘widowed with child’ status that instantly evokes the feelings of sympathy in women.
The way these scams usually work is that they will ask you to provide something for them far too quickly, and that’s your cue you’re dealing with a criminal.

They may ask for money, gifts, other types of your possessions, a place to stay for a few nights or other similar ‘favors’ that are out of the ordinary. Simply say no and never look back.

Scam #2: Saying ‘I Love You’ Too Quickly

In general, you can’t know in advance if someone is out to scam you, and if you don’t see any red flags in the process they’re doing a really good job.

However, there are a few things that can tell you something’s fishy before you find yourself in a hole too big.

If someone is trying to get close to you too quickly, telling you they’ve never felt like that about anyone before, and that they love you after knowing you for only a few days or weeks, something is definitely off.

And if after expressing their undying love for you they ask you for money, make sure you stop any further communication and alert the site’s administrators about this possible scammer.

Scam #3: Money Laundering

Online dating sites are a perfect breeding ground for scammers looking to launder some money.

They get close to individuals desperately looking for love and affection, who pretty quickly engage in their criminal activities without even knowing it.

Being asked to purchase items and send them somewhere; accept money into your bank account and transfer it to someone else; being sent items to store for someone until the rainy days pass; and so on… These are all common money laundering scenarios often seen on online dating sites and you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for these.

One of the easiest ways to recognize a scammer is if you’re asked to do anything that involves any kind of money or material possessions. Never engage in anything like that because at the end of the day you could be held accountable as an accomplice!