Top 3 Dating Apps Among Aussie Gays

Online dating apps are getting more popular each day. The fast-paced style of life simply pushes people to find quicker solutions for finding dates.

As Australian LGBT community grows stronger, the developers of the dating apps have to keep up in order to meet their high expectations. However, it’s still hard for some gay people to find a match via old-fashioned dating, so these mobile apps are there to make their romantic life easier.

There are many dating apps that claim to have the best features on the market, but we wanted to help all Aussie gays out there find there match by narrowing down the search to the following top 3 dating apps for Australian gay folks.
Aussie Gays


This amazing app is one of the first ever made. Naturally, that makes it very successful and one of the most popular gay dating apps out there. It was originally launched back in 2009. and since then its member base just kept on growing.

The creators of this awesome app say that Grindr now has more than 6 million users all over the world. They also say that there are at least 300.000 users logged all the time. That is quite impressive.

Cool pictures and concise and accurate short descriptions are crucial if you want to be a successful dater on this app. One of the best and newest features is the option of forming a “tribe”. Tribe is a group of very similar people who share a lot of things in common. You can also use a filter option that will eliminate all those candidates that just don’t suit you.

This extremely intuitive app is available for both iOS and Android users.


Hornet is another neat app also features a huge member base all around the globe and it’s rather popular in the Land Down Under as well. Unlike some other apps, this one allows you to keep some of your photos private and that gives users some sense of safety, which is always a plus.

Also, your search is not limited to Australia as you can browse for users from all around the world. This awesome app has a “heart” feature that allows you to quickly see if someone is interested in you. If they are, you can easily start the chat and arrange a meeting.

Hornet is quite intuitive and easy to use, so you’ll get a hang of it in no time. So, if you want to get stung by some gay hornets out there, this app will definitely help you with that.


The third dating app we decided to put on our list is Jack’d. This cool app is one of the most popular and fast-growing dating apps in the world. It has a very intuitive search engine and it can find you a perfect match extremely quickly.

The basic app is, of course, free to download, but if you want some fancy perks you’ll have to pay for them. Don’t worry though, those additional features are not that expensive and they will definitely help you find your perfect companion much faster.

With a member base that has over 5 million people around the world, Jack’d is available for download on both App Store and Google Play.

So there you go, mates – top 3 awesome apps that will help you find true love, or simply hook up and have some casual fun.

Best Australian Gay Dating Sites

In just a couple of years, gay online dating in Australia has gone from being virtually non-existent to being immensely popular, with new sites cropping up on a weekly basis. We have been working on a top list of the best gay dating sites for Aussies for a while and we can now finally say that we have identified 5 sites that are sure to bring you the kind of dating experience you deserve. If you are a proud gay Aussie looking for a casual or committed relationship, these are the sites that are most likely to help you on your love quest.

  • Gay Sugar Daddy – This dating platform does away with all the prejudice and stigma attached to sugar daddy – sugar baby relationships and allows you to easily find the kind of man you have been searching for. Among thousands of handsome young guys and just as many sugar daddies who are looking for someone who could benefit from their protection and wealth, you are sure to encounter someone who can rock your world and make you feel like the only guy in the world.
  • Gay Bareback – Particularly designed for guys who enjoy the bareback lifestyle, Gay Bareback is a premium gay dating site that boasts tons of useful features and a humongous member base made up of guys of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Dive into this exciting bareback universe, meet more sexy guys than you ever dreamed you would, and have an amazing time whenever you stop by.
  • Gay Contacts – Whether you just want to chat and flirt with tons of attractive guys or you want to find someone truly special you can share your life with, Gay Contacts can help you reach your romantic goals in no time. Its member base is getting larger by the minute, which means that there will be tons of new, interesting faces on the site every time you log in. If you’re wondering where all the good-looking gay Aussies are hiding, Gay Contacts is the answer you’ve been seeking.
  • Gay Seniors – Online dating is not just for the young boys who were born with smartphones in their hands. Gay Seniors is agay dating site for golden-agers that is more impressive than most other dating sites on the web. What is best of all is that it is surprisingly easy to use. Join this amazing site and meet hundreds of exciting gay golden-agers in mere minutes.
  • Gay Fuckbook – This one is perfect for guys who like their relationships with no strings attached. If you want to have a hot date every night or are looking for an easier way to meet hot guys interested in some fun between the sheets, Gay Fuckbook is the place to go. Get ready to be overwhelmed by the number of hunks waiting for you on this top-notch gay dating site.