When Is The Right Time To Meet Someone You Met Online?

Online dating is slowly but surely becoming an absolute leader when it comes to dating all around the world. Nowadays there are so many online dating platforms and websites, that you simply must meet their perfect match in a matter of months, even weeks.

Especially if you live in Australia!

Some of them are made especially for that purpose, like online dating and matchmaking sites, but people often find their match on social media as well. So, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular networks are also a good place to look for your mate.

This is all very fun and exciting, but sooner or later we all ask ourselves that mind-boggling question:

When IS the right time to actually meet someone you met online?

Since it’s impossible to give a straight and exact answer to this confusing question, we decided to familiarize you with a successful research on this topic and give you some tips on how to safely meet your possible match.
Met Online

How Long Should You Wait Until You Actually Meet?

Well, as we already said, there is no exact answer to this question, but Artemio Ramirez Jr. spent some time researching this specific topic and came up with an adequate waiting period.

Artemio says that you should wait between 17 and 23 days after you initiate contact on a dating site or some kind of social network. That may seem too long for some people or too soon for other, but we’re sure that Artemio knows what he’s talking about. He did, after all, meet his wife via an online dating site.

Finding The Sweet Spot

Since every relationship is unique, you must be very careful in order to pick out the perfect moment to meet your online match. Even though it may seem like the safest way to go, you don’t want to wait too long because you might lose touch with that person or simply build up unrealistic expectations in your head.

On the other hand, you surely don’t want to rush into things either.

You have to get to know them first, to see what they’re like and make sure that they are the person you want to meet in person.

Spend some time with that person chatting online. Find out what you two have in common and see if you truly are a match. Then, when you’re sure you’re right for each other, arrange a meeting.

Make Sure To Take Some Precautions

It doesn’t matter how well you think you know the person you met online or how similar the two of you are, you simply have to play it safe on your first real-life date. So, make sure to:

  1. Tell a trusted adult, friend or parents that you’re meeting this person.
  2. Don’t reveal too much personal information on your dating profile.
  3. Do a background check on the person you’re meeting with.
  4. Meet them somewhere in public (restaurant, diner, coffee shop)
  5. Bring a friend or two. They can sit somewhere nearby, just in case.

These days you can’t be too careful.