Online Affairs: Is Chatting Really Cheating?

Online dating is available to anyone looking to meet new people and try new things out there. Online dating beats traditional dating because, unlike in bars, on online dating sites everyone really is available.

However, is all that availability always a good thing?

Millions of people all over Australia use online dating sites on a daily basis in the hopes of meeting the right person. In order to do this, the users simply have to talk to as many people as possible and go on as many dates before they stumble upon their perfect match.

But when does ‘as many people’ cross the line from just chatting to simply cheating? Let’s take a look at the boundaries surrounding online dating, and how to stay within them while still actively searching for the one.

Online Dating Is A Numbers Game

In order to find your perfect partner you need to understand that online dating is a numbers game and involves talking to loads of people before finally finding someone suitable to date.

Needless to say, once you find someone you like and your dates are going well, chatting with someone else is entirely unnecessary and could be considered cheating.

However, unless you’ve already found someone special chatting with multiple users is definitely not cheating. It is simply being proactive and not sitting idly while hoping to find a partner.

Not only that, but using multiple online dating sites is also advisable because the pool of potential candidates increases drastically. This approach to online dating definitely entails talking to several users at the same time, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Chatting Does Not Equal Cheating

Out of millions and millions of people on online dating sites in Australia, all but one are not perfect for you. Seasoned online dating users go on countless bad dates before they find someone they can start seeing more frequently.

Just because you’re talking to one person doesn’t mean you can’t go on a date with another. Perhaps the person you’re talking to isn’t all that interested, while the person you saw once is fun and a second date is a real possibility.

Most rules from the offline traditional dating apply to online dating as well. You need to start a conversation with someone in order to get a date, and the more people you’re talking to the more likely you are to get one.

Know When To Stop

Once you find someone you can date in person chatting with other people on online dating sites is definitely frowned upon.

Give that person a real chance by focusing on them alone, and give your new relationship room to grow. The point of online dating sites is to connect you with someone you probably would not have met otherwise, but once you’re connected, online dating sites become obsolete.

Not only should you not chat with anyone else, but the general rule is that you should not frequent any online dating sites at all.

Keeping a profile and talking to other users may not be cheating per se, but it definitely would take the focus off the person you’re seeing, which is not something that can get you far.