Love In The Land Down Under: What Do Aussies Look For In A Partner?

The people of Australia are a nation that loves to love; a nation that doesn’t give up on finding love even in the hardest of moments.

But what do these love-loving Aussies look for in a partner?

Many studies have shown that the qualities of the “ideal partner,” although similar, differ from nation to nation.

When it comes to Australians, one national study found that Aussies who search for love are still being ruled by old-fashioned values like emotional support and compatibility, and these values actually rated higher on the scale than some superficial values.

The Spark

The infamous and much-talked about “spark” was listed at the very top of 99% of people who participated in the study. When asked to describe what this phenomenon was, 83% of people that listed it said that it was the feeling of being instantly at ease with someone.

The results also showed that physical attractiveness doesn’t play a huge role in creating the spark, and that men and women associate the term with different things. Men associate the famed spark with their partner’s wish to spend time with them, while women associate it with their partner’s ability to make them laugh.


Aussies can’t see a future with someone they’re not compatible with at least by 80%. But what does “compatibility” stand for?

Although it can be connected to material and social backgrounds, compatibility is mostly associated with the same ideas for the future, as well as hobbies, interests, and levels of socializing.

But one of the crucial factors is also:


When passion runs out and the honey-moon phase starts to fade away, what are we left with?

Friendship, of course.

People from Down Under like to share a strong bond with their partner, which transcends time and physical chemistry. The study proved that Aussies think of friendship as a concept that lasts longer than any other emotional connection (apart from family ties), and that it’s crucial for a healthy relationship.

And when there’s friendship, there’s also:

Emotional Support

When we’re feeling low and when it seems that nothing is going our way, we all want to feel the support of our partner. Hard times can struck everyone at any moment, and it’s important for us to know that we will always have someone to back us up if needed.

If you feel like we’ve omitted something vital, feel free to express your opinion in the comments section.

Good luck!