Which Australian Cities Are Best For Online Dating?

Even though Australia is both a country and a continent, the large chunk of its population can be found in one of the few bigger cities. This affects all parts of an average Australian’s life, with one of them being dating.

That why today we wanted to talk about which Australian cities can serve better as an online dating base, and which aren’t so packed with single people.
Australian Cities Are Best For Online Dating

The Race Begins

Although it’s pretty clear which cities you can read about here, you’ll never guess in which order they are. We decided to rank them from best to average (seeing as there are no online dating deserts in Australia), based on the gender ratio and variety of potential romantic connections.

Believe it or not, but the number one place on this short list belongs to none other than Adelaide. Yes, you read that right – this city is actually riddled with hot, single girls since most of the men move out to either Sydney or Melbourne by the age of 21.

This means that our male readers would have the most luck in Adelaide. Apart from the abovementioned, there’s also a steady flow of international students in this city, mostly thanks to Adelaide University.

And here’s the best part: a large majority of people in Adelaide actually have profiles on online dating sites! This doesn’t only apply to a single city, of course – all of the locations below are excellent opportunities if you’re using dating services.

Next up is, of course, Sydney. This metropolis is a suitable online dating ground for both guys and girls: men can choose between a vast sea of intelligent, educated women and a plethora of tourist girls that go through Sydney each day, while a recent survey showed that girls have the easiest time finding a partner here, as well.

Third place goes to Brisbane. Unlike most Australian cities, the gender split stands at roughly 50-50 here, which means there’s plenty to go around no matter what you’re into. The trick to finding a date in this city is to dress better than a T-shirt and to be into partying on the Gold Coast.

Melbourne comes in next. As the complete opposite of Brisbane, this city is home to some more sophisticated and enlightened people. This means that you’ll have an easier time finding a much more serious individual here than in any other city in Australia.

If there was even an Australian city that had a shortage on hot girls, it would be Canberra. Although it’s a beautiful city, guys probably won’t have a lot of luck when searching for a female in this area – on the other hand, this is a great place for online dating (and dating in general) if you’re a woman!

Pretty much the same story applies to Perth. This harbor city mostly houses tall, athletic, and masculine men and very few attractive females. If you’re looking for a girl here, ensure that you can be stylish if the situation requires. If you’re looking for a guy, however, just close your eyes and click on any male Perth-residing online dating profile.

Bottom line, dating girls and guys is on a whole new level nowadays thanks to online dating websites. When it comes to Australia, it’s even easier to turn this phenomenon to your advantage if you narrow down your search to one of the cities we mentioned above.