What Do Aussies Look For In A Woman?

The ideologies behind the “perfect wife” and “perfect husband” terms are usually pretty subjective and usually unattainable. However, we all still strive to find that special someone who has at least some of the qualities we deem as necessary in order to establish an overall healthy long-term relationship with. When it comes to Aussie men, they stick to some of those pre-defined characteristics when choosing the right woman for them.

Every culture has a different idea of what constitutes an ideal significant other, but all humans pretty much value the same morals and ethic principals. And when a certain personality type and looks are thrown into the mixture, we get a clear idea of what do men (in this case, Australian men) look for in a woman when searching for someone to share their life with.

If you’re looking to snatch a hot and loving Aussie guy, but you don’t have any success in that department, we suggest you check out whether you possess some of these coveted attributes, traits and characteristics.

A Down To Earth Personality

You might be the smartest, most successful, and the prettiest girl in Australia, but if you’re not down to earth in the Land Down Under, you’re not what Aussie men really want. Except the 1% which is always reserved for exceptions, the rest of the single men of Australia don’t want to date a princess and/or prima donna. Who would want to spend time with someone who values no one above herself, who only looks out for her own interest and who always has her head up in the clouds? Think about it ladies, you wouldn’t appreciate a man like that, so why should the men be happy with someone like that? There’s no place for being snobby and thinking that you’re better than everyone else in today’s world.


This trait is one of the top traits that every single man on the face of the planet is looking for in a man, let alone the Aussies who are keen on finding the absolutely perfect partner for them. Intelligence is important, especially in today’s day and age, when it seems like the world is running low on smart people even though information is easily accusable and the literacy rate is higher than ever. Aussie men are really attracted to intelligent women, especially to ones that are not afraid to show off their brains.

Support And A Challenge

Aussie men like to know that their woman will be by their side through thick and thin, which is not a huge surprise. We all want that. However, with the crazy and uncertain world we live in today, a partner’s support and the feeling of security are highly appreciated. Alas, Aussie men also like to be challenged, so a woman who can support her man while challenging him to be even greater will have his heart forever.

A Sense Of Humor

“At the end of the day, you just want the one that makes you laugh.” And we couldn’t agree more. Who wants to spend time with someone who doesn’t make them cry with laughter? Having fun together and a shared sense of humor are traits of a solid, healthy, ad happy relationship.


Show a bit of class and culture and Aussie men will pick up on it fast! If you know something (or anything) about different types of wine, foreign movies, different types of exotic foods, something about fashion or music or anything at all that has even the slightest dose of class, you should definitely share your cultural knowledge with your hunky Aussie date.