What Do Aussie Ladies Look For In A Man?

Aussie women are known as one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Not only that, they’re more energetic, positive, outgoing, and adventurous than ladies from other continents.

Naturally, when they’re on the look-out for the perfect partner for them, they tend to gravitate towards men with certain characteristics. According to the lovely Aussie ladies, men who possess certain traits are generally the best versions of men available.

Whether you’re a guy who’s been living in Australia your whole life, a man who’s just moved there, or you’re just someone who plans on visiting this wonderful place – it’s always good to know a few things about the Aussie women beforehand. You know, just in case you meet the love of your life and you try not to be a complete idiot.

So, what do the ladies from Down Under look for in a man?
Aussie Ladies


This trait is one of the top traits that every single woman on the face of the planet is looking for in a man. Intelligence is crucial, there’s no room for discussion. Aussie women are really attracted to intelligent men, but only if they show off their brains in a humble yet fun and interesting way.

Use your intelligence to surprise an Aussie woman with off-the-wall, fun ideas. If you’re an expert in a certain area, present it from an “I know a lot about this, let me show you” perspective.


Aussie ladies don’t just want to be lavished in compliments and gifts – they simply want to know that you’re thinking about them when you’re not together.

Someone To Challenge Them

The ladies of Australia are known to be smart, hardworking, success-oriented, and interesting in many ways. So naturally they’re used to being held up on pedestals (but not in the negative sense, of course).

They don’t want a man that will just talk the usual talk – they want someone who will challenge them and make them want to be even better at everything they do.


Naturally, we’re not aiming at being generous towards Aussie ladies alone. Show that you care about others, and that you spend your time thinking about the welfare of people in need.

Whether it’s by donating money or donating your personal time (or both), women of Australia like to think that the men in their lives are good, generous people, because that’s pretty rare nowadays.

Sense Of Humor

No one likes a bore, especially not the amazing women in Australia. They’re full of life and they love life – and they want to live a fun one! If you have a great sense of humor, don’t be shy about it! Aussie ladies will love it! There’s no woman in the world, let alone Down Under, that doesn’t love to laugh.


Show a bit of class and culture and Aussie women will pick up on it so fast you won’t even notice that they’ve already picked you up.

If you know something about different types of wine, foreign movies, different types of exotic foods, something about fashion or music or anything at all that is classy even the slightest, you should definitely share your classy and cultural knowledge with your beautiful Aussie lady.

Oh yeah! Never forget to open the door for her!

A Good, Steady Job

Times are tough, and sadly, your great sense of humor probably won’t get food on the table (unless you’re Chris Rock). A job is something you must have in general, not just in order to get yourself a Aussie woman.

If you’re one of those lucky people who love their job, let alone if you’re that lucky to have a great job that pays well and you love doing it, you can count yourself as blessed. Be sure to mention that to your Down Under lady because she will see it as a HUGE advantage.