Finding love, friends or a perfect companion to share a life with can be very challenging, especially when people try to find it via the conventional type of dating. Fortunately for everyone of you love-seekers out there, online dating has made that process a lot easier.

Simple as it may be, online dating in Australia can also be very tricky and frustrating, especially if you choose the wrong dating site. That’s exactly why we decided to help you, Aussie online daters, by selecting the very best of the Australian top dating websites.

Here are the top online dating platforms in the beautiful Land Down Under.

1. Dating VIP AU

Dating VIP AU

Join Dating VIP AU and Meet Singles in Your Area!

What you need to know: If you’re from Australia and you’re looking for someone special to share a life with, Dating VIP AU is absolutely the place for you. This awesome website requires a quick sign-up process and then you are ready to go and find yourself a perfect companion.

Dating VIP AU is a well-organized site that features a rather simple and easy-to-use interface, so you’ll get used to it in no time. This site is filled with thousands of Aussies who are ready for some new and exciting adventures.

Why it works: This free online dating platform owes its functionality to a simple software that is packed with elegantly distributed features. The site also has a pretty sleek and elegant design, which is always a plus in the online dating world.

All of the tools, options, and features are easy to find and rather user-friendly. Dating VIP AU has an incredibly intuitive search engine, so users can easily find exactly what they need. This free online dating platform has a huge member base that’s packed with thousands of hot, beautiful, and interesting people from all parts of Australia. Just awesome.

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2. Senior Next Australia


It’s Never Too Late to Find Love – Join Senior Next Australia Now!

What you need to know: We all know how hard finding love can be, even more so if you’re an older person, but don’t give up hope just yet. Senior Next Australia is an online dating site that will provide all mature Aussies with incredible functionality and a wide member base.

This amazing dating website has a number of features that will help you find your perfect companion. So if you’re a senior from the Land Down Under and you’re looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, Senior Next Australia is definitely the perfect place for you.

Why it works: This online dating site has a pretty simple and intuitive software that is packed with amazing and useful features, tools, and options that will help you find your senior match in no time. Features like Add Your Photo and My Updates will allow you to represent the best possible version of yourself.

Members can also use incredibly thorough Search and Browse options in order to find other their perfect match. It is also important to mention that Senior Next Australia has a rather wide member base that’s filled with wonderful, fun, and diverse seniors from every corner of this beautiful country. Truly an all-round dating site.

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3. Seniors Dating Australia

Seniors Dating Australia

Meet Fun Seniors in Australia – Try Seniors Dating Australia Now!

What you need to know: Who says dating is just for youngsters? Mature and older people also deserve to feel the rush of being in love. So, if you’re an Australia-based senior who is looking for some love or companionship, Seniors Dating Australia might just be the website you were searching for.

This remarkable and free online dating site is very simple and easy to use, so everyone will get a hang of it in no time. Its design is very pleasing and it has a rather calming effect on its members.

Why it works: Seniors Dating Australia has a quite intuitive and simple software, so elderlies won’t have any problems getting used to it. This dating platform also possesses a number of various and useful features, tools, and options that will help you find your perfect senior match.

Creating a profile is very easy and once you complete that simple task, you’ll be able to search and browse for other Australian seniors. Much like the previously mentioned sites, Seniors Dating Australia also has a huge member base that features thousands of intriguing and eligible seniors that are waiting to hear from you.

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4. Dating Over 40

Dating Over 40

Find Your Perfect Match in Australia – Join Dating Over 40!

What you need to know: Dating Over 40 is one of the best online dating sites in the country for mature individuals who know what type of person they are looking for and the type of relationship they’d like to be in. Dating Over 40 is a great site for all those people looking to make new friends, meet new people and go on as many dates as possible. Definitely one of those sites that caters to a large number of users with plenty of dating experience.

Why it works: Dating Over 40 is a very efficient and user-friendly online dating site that offers plenty of features which make the online dating experience safe and fun. It takes great pride in its fancy software that matches people based on their personality traits and desired types of partners on a daily basis.

Dating Over 40 has a huge member base where people from all over Australia come to find love, friendship or get back in the dating game. With so many satisfied users the site only keeps getting better and better by the day, and keeps on delivering great results.

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5. Senior Singles Dating

Senior Singles Dating

Find Someone Special – Try Senior Singles Dating Now!

What you need to know: Senior Singles Dating is the place to be for everyone who is at a certain point in life where the priorities and desires are straight, and the personality traits of the right person have never been clearer.

In other words, those who know exactly what they want out of their love life will certainly find it on Senior Singles Dating. People from all corners of Australia flock to Senior Singles Dating to meet like-minded individuals who’ve been through similar experiences in life, and leave hand in hand with their perfect matches.

Why it works: Senior Singles Dating is a safe environment that’s adapted to the needs of the older population. The features are simple yet effective while the algorithms behind the matches are sophisticated and quick.

Senior Singles Dating produces compatible matches on a daily basis and allows the users to browse through the member base and do the search themselves. The member base is vast and admirable, and the number of satisfied users living all over the country in the high tens of thousands.

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6. Older Women Dating

Older Women Dating

Meet Your Next Mature Aussie Date – Create a Free Profile on Older Women Dating!

What you need to know: Older Women Dating is the best online dating site in Australia that caters specifically to mature women. With thousands upon thousands of happy members, Older Women Dating is the perfect place for the ladies who know exactly what they want out of their partners.

Classy and sophisticated, Older Women Dating offers plenty of opportunity for busy moms or single older ladies from all walks of life to finally put an end to dating by matching them to their perfect other half.

Why it works: Older Women Dating is just quite elegant in terms of the interface and navigation through the site. Not everyone is particularly computer savvy, and that’s ok because Older Women Dating is simple to use and it does most of the work for its members.

The website has a state-of-the-art algorithm that matches the users based on the information they provide and as effective as it is, the more detailed the profiles of users the more compatible the matches. Older Women Dating offers a safe haven for all the ladies in Australia looking to turn their love life around.

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7. Over 60 Dating

Over 60 Dating

Join Singles Over 60 and Have Fun With Interesting People Nearby

What you need to know: Over 60 Dating is one of the highest rated senior online dating sites in Australia thanks to a bunch of satisfied users who found their matches among the members of its community.

Perfectly safe to use and oftentimes entertaining, Over 60 Dating is a quiet, no muss no fuss place for older individuals to meet and start new friendships and relationships. Loved and appreciated by Aussies from all over the country, Over 60 Dating produces fast results that are reliable and to the liking of their users.

Why it works: Over 60 Dating produces such results because it has a large member base full of interesting seniors looking for friends, companions and love. It is simple to use and adapted to the needs of the older generation. The sophisticated software that is behind all the magic runs like clockwork and the users can rely on it 100% to produce compatible matches all the time. All they need to do is ‘tell’ the software what kind of partner they’d like, sit back, relax, and let the technology do the work.

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8. Internet Dating Australia

Internet Dating Australia

Finding Love Can Be Easy! Check Out Internet Dating Australia!

What you need to know: The only way to ensure an online dating site is going to be successful is to have a good, efficient matchup method and a team of people who will dedicate themselves to maintaining the website properly.
When it comes to Internet Dating Australia, you can rest assured that it possesses all of these qualities.

Why it works: Since there are quite a few dating services with a large amount of members in Australia, it’s kind of hard to compete and be among the best dating sites out there. Nonetheless, Internet Dating Australia managed to rank itself pretty high. The biggest reasons behind this are its amazing accessibility and awesome features.

You won’t bother much with an online dating site if it seems too complicated and confusing to use, will you? That’s why Internet Dating Australia made sure all the elements of their interface work in synergy with one another, which makes site navigation feel like a breeze.

As far as features go, this website went for the safe, yet still working way of helping people find love. Once you register for free, you’ll be able to search and browse Internet Dating Australia’s immense member base while applying certain filters to make sure you get the best possible results.

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9. Australia Matchmaker

Australia Matchmaker

Meet Your Soulmate on Australia Matchmaker!

What you need to know: If you’re tired of being single, then we’ve got just the website for you! Introducing Australia Matchmaker – one of the best online dating sites for all you solo Aussies out there. With thousands of new members joining by the month, you can rest assured that this dating service is here to help you find a romantic relationship.

Why it works: There’s nothing wrong with a dating site that has good matchmaking algorithms but a plain, mediocre design. However, it’s even better when the former is combined with a charming and stylish layout. This is exactly the case with Australia Matchmaker, as the interface of this website is probably one of the cutest and most functional of all the dating services we have reviewed.

As always, there’s a big accent on simplicity, but Australia Matchmaker didn’t want to sacrifice eye candy for it. The website is easy to use and pretty to look at, which is a great way to ensure efficiency and a pleasant stay.

Australia Matchmaker doesn’t lack in the features department, either. Joining this website doesn’t cost a penny and is pretty easy to do. Once you become a member, you’ll see that browsing through its users is a very detailed process that involves a lot of filters and parameters – all set in place to make sure you only get the best of the best, according to your preferences.

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10. Dating Spot

Dating Spot

Join Dating Spot and Find Your Next Date

What you need to know: When it comes to dating sites, there’s no online spot like the Dating Spot. This site has brought many happy couples together, and it continues to bring love into people’s life to this day. When the Aussie sun hits your lonely heart like a giant boomerang, and you start feeling like you’re ready to meet The One, dating Spot should definitely be one of the places on the worldwide web you turn to.

It has everything you need, including your potential perfect match. If you want to turn your search for love into an adventure, this site is your kind of spot. Get it?

Why it works: Easy to use, straightforward, and highly functional, Dating Spot possesses everything a lonely client on their search for love needs. The crew working on this site puts a lot of effort into making Dating Spot a well-oiled machine that brings results fast!

There are many different features and options on this free online dating service that are all the tools you need to find the perfect person for you. And lastly, the members are all real people who are also looking for love. There’s no chance you won’t find someone special on Dating Spot. This dating website is definitely worth a try, so go and hit the Dating Spot now!

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11. Dating For Seniors

Dating For Seniors

Meet Single Seniors in Australia – Join Dating For Seniors Now!

What you need to know: Unlike many other sites of the same genre, Dating For Seniors is a online dating service that caters specifically to the lonely lovers in their golden years. There’s no reason why you should spend your hard-earned retirement days on your own, so you should definitely not hesitate to look for someone special for the second time around.

There’s no time like retirement to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest, but you shouldn’t do it alone. By becoming a member on Dating For Seniors, you can find someone compatible and therefore get the perfect partner for all of your adventures to come.

Why it works: This amazing online dating service has so many strong sides and it’s truly hard to name only a few of them. It has it all – from incredibly useful and nifty features to a member base of the highest quality. The features and tools work like a charm and guarantee a love match for every member of Dating For Seniors, and the whole site can easily be known from now on as the modern equivalent of Cupid’s arrow for everyone in their golden years.

It’s easy to use, so no member will have to call in their grandkids to help them out. The layout is as straightforward and simple as they get, and overall, it’s the perfect answer to the call of lonely older Aussie hearts.

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